“Cued Speech is just a tool.”

And sometimes that’s followed up with “…not a communication method.”

Well, first off, I’m a native cuer. I can cue anything to another cuer, and he’ll understand everything I say, and vice versa. It doesn’t matter if we voice or not; all the phonetic components of English are right there on our lips and hands. That is communication! It’s complete language access.

If you want to get picky about it, everything is a tool– i.e., a way to accomplish a particular end. Even sign language is a tool. Spoken language is a tool. Written language is a tool. They’re all ways of communicating. Cued Speech is an exact representation of an existing language.

The nice thing about Cued Speech is that it can be used by itself, voiced or unvoiced, alongside sign language, as a speech therapy support, as reading/vocabulary support, with d/hh kids, with autistic or learning-disabled kids, with ESL speakers…

The key word there is “can.” Its use is ultimately up to whoever uses it. Really, the fact that Cued Speech is a tool is probably its greatest strength: it can fit into a variety of approaches without detracting from their central philosophies.

One thought on ““Cued Speech is just a tool.”

  1. Yes, I have seen that video from other Deaf Culturally person and spread bogus rumor to many people on her facebook page. That person does not understand. In reality, a lot of Deaf culturally people does not understand because they are uneducated. I did explained to my Deaf Culturally friends many times and even still not understand. I let it go! However, I was thinking that perhaps you might set up a workshop to educate Deaf ASL people what Cued Speech is…..I mean not to teach them how to Cue but just explain and educate what CS looks like….Good idea? I just give you ideas. It might help Deaf ASL people to understand what CS is..What do you think? Frankly, right now Deaf Community still can’t understand but it will give some people time to understand better but when? 10 years? 20 years? Who knows? I thought maybe we can set up a workshop and invite Deaf Community to join us and help each other.. Good idea?


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